My Craft

I am a student of mystery. A vessel for the divine. What comes through in my craft are the spirits of the other world, their ephemeral utterances shared through art, song, and word. 

When making spirit art I am opening myself as a portal into the divine soul of God Herself. Taking a drink from the fiery waters below and the celestial waters above. In the altered states of my craft spirits are moving through me as the medium. 

This process is an act of creation, a calling to awaken the divine soul. Painting is my wordless song to the gods, a path for illustrating the landscapes of the ineffable mystery; an undertaking ripe with paradox.

Through my craft I am entering into my work to receive, awaken, and share the ecstatic magic of the divine that dwells within us; weaving art, dreams, queerness, myth, nature, healing, shadows, and anything else that desires to flow through the spirit of my soul.

Visionaries, mystics, artists, poets, witches, and healers tap into this honeyed trance to bring the sexual life force of creation into our ‘garden of earthly delights.’ We all have a god form aligned to our work, our being, the things that we do in the material to inspire, heal, and nourish the collective. This world matters, it is breathing, conscious, and animate–what we do here matters. Let us consciously join in the rapturous dance of creation.

You can learn more about me and my spiritual work here