Transforming the Nature of Reality: My Beliefs

What is the nature of reality? What we believe is the gateway to what we see, which is a belief in and of itself.

Art made from the sacred space of mystical vision, but it is still just the artists interpretation of the unseen. Expansive sight is the medium these visions flow through, distorted as they may be by personal beliefs; which can still hold its own beauty, as all things are probably distorted to some extent by the energetic imprints of the thing creating or interacting with the interpretation…

The caveat: So anything we experience and therefore understand as a part of our view of existence will have to be somewhat distorted as the multiple layers of supposed reality could all be interfering; the psychological, the energetic, the mystical, animistic and any other belief structure that may be available to Consciousness. But then this is all being thought about within the confines of a version of my belief structure, therefore distorting the discussion on the nature of reality to begin with.

Is Having No Belief Even Possible?

Are there beliefs to root into beyond the the mystical, spiritual, transformational? Is it possible to have no beliefs as physical or spiritual beings?

What is beyond the energetic nature of reality, the cosmological layers of the universe seen and unseen? In Kabbalah there is the concept called The Void, ‘No thing’ when using language, but experientially it has no name. It is nowhere and is nothing.

Keep in mind that language and words are both limiting and expanding depending on the context. So I would say at some level of reality it is possible to hold no beliefs. I have no idea how to expand on this concept without imposing some type of belief structure on it though. So I invite you to sit with this paradox.

Existence is even stranger than we imagine, we are limited by our beliefs, but also liberated by them. They are a door through which we can interact with what is beyond consensus reality, the path into seeing the world through a cosmology that doesn’t stop at psychology, psychedelics, or even the mystical. Going even beyond the ineffable, for which I would have even less language to describe it with.

What I Do and Do Not Believe in Currently

Seeing things that can only be proven within the material view of the universe prevents us from moving beyond. I don’t subscribe to the Hermetic Principles for all of my work, because it limits me. I don’t subscribe to the Jungian perspective that every being I encounter in my dreams is a manifestation of my shadow/self/soul/psyche, because it gets me stuck in my own head, in my own mind–instead of freeing me from it.

Psychology is a useful tool, a structure to use when discussing say astrology, tarot, or other forms of self-analysis, therapy, and behavior. It is not as useful for me to apply psychology to certain aspects of my spiritual practices, the experiential process of making art, or connecting with spirits and the divine (which in itself is another layer of my belief, I recognize this).

The idea that we create our own reality is only partially accurate in my opinion. For me, there are other beings, entities, and forms that exist, therefore it is not all about me and my limited view of what is real or what I have been programmed to believe is real. There is much more going on in this belief structure that requires an expanded and malleable set of beliefs to begin with.

Spiritual Sovereignty

My sovereignty is me choosing the beliefs I want to work with; in systems of experiential practice that allow me to question but also participate in what it is I believe in. There are as many ways the nature of reality can shift based on each individual’s set of beliefs.

Moving beyond what is happening in the brain…so all is not the mind, polarized, or even unified. And it almost feels like getting stuck at this level of belief permanently is very isolating in a life that has potential for greater experiences then just the experiences that greet us at a level our conscious and even magical mindsets are able to accept…

Releasing expectations for what will happen is a form of liberation. We can stop the flow and momentum for what will be with what we think is going to occur. I am working on stretching beyond the boundaries of my beliefs and expanding into more of the known unknown.

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