How can I help you?

Astrologer Mark Jones says a reading should begin by asking the question, “How can I help you?” as an important part of setting the stage for an astrology reading to have therapeutic potential. Astrology offers much in the way of understanding the Self and one’s personality, but there is a soul dimension to explore in the chart that can link you into the multifaceted layers of your human experience. My work tend to focus on getting to the heart of the soul’s deepest longings, needs, and divine expression. Astrology can help us understand the interwoven patterns and stories playing out through the heart of our being.

My astrology journey and what I am currently interested in.

I discovered my love for astrology as a teenager, enchanted by the magic of the zodiac. I absorbed any and all astrology information I could get my hands on–and secretly as it wasn’t allowed in my upbringing.

Then in 2014, I had the amazing opportunity to attend a two year astrology school in Portland, Oregon which included a well-rounded, spiritual, and queer inclusive astrological training. This program and ongoing education provided me with the tools I needed to start my own practice. From there I started to give readings professionally and eventually moved into writing astrology content, which I am still doing today! Head over to my writing services page to see some of the projects I am working on.

Currently I am interested in the asteroids and earth signs striving to carve out space for more expansive chart interpretation within a wider range of narratives. Asteroids provide us with stories that can go beyond the heteronormative constraints which tends to be so common in standard astrological interpretation. These areas of astrology allow me the creative space to explore archetypal stories through a queer and feminist lens.

Léon Bonnat (1876) Jacob Wrestling with an Angel