Here’s what people are saying about a session with Raphael ♡

My spirit art session with Raphael was incredible! I felt very connected to what was coming through Raphael in both words and image. The art piece ended up being both an accurate reflection of my current reality, and a healing path forward with some of my challenges as well. I’ve been keeping my spirit drawing on my desk and connecting to its energy and message throughout the day. In my work I get the opportunity to experience many different modalities of divination and healing. I was deeply impressed and I highly recommend this to you!” – Mara Evenstar

Raphael gave me the best reading!!! She even made me my own chart. Very accurate, she makes you feel whole again.” -Justine

 “Great plant spirit art reading. Raphael tuned in immediately and picked up on a situation that I was dealing with. They gave me exactly the advice I needed.” -Jo

“I recently did a reading with Raphael and was amazed at what she told me, it was as if she were a long time friend giving me advice. This was no generic reading. She was very insightful, and spoke to my soul. I Highly recommend you book a reading.” –Rose

My reading with Raphael was insightful and healing.  Her ability to interpret my chart and help me uncover what I need to let go of in order to live my soul purpose is life changing!  Thank you, Raphael for bringing me to such awareness.” -Brenda

“One with the stars, Raphael is extremely insightful from start to finish. Throughout the session you just know it was meant to be. She gets straight to the meat & potatoes then serves it up fresh with a hint of magic leaves you feeling fulfilled but wanting more, that’s where her true art comes to form from who knows where to paper to life feast your eyes on something magical to leave you satisfied to hold you over until next time because now you’re hooked.” -Marcus

I recently booked an astrology reading with Raphael. She was extremely professional and made me feel very comfortable during our session. Raphael enlightened my view of myself, my needs, wants and what I was ultimately trying to gain from our session together. She was easy to engage with and answered any questions I had, and was willing to further explore areas that I needed a deeper understanding of. I have to say that she was spot on about everything she told me!! I am getting married in less than a year and I have been getting “cold feet”. Our session together helped me to remember to self- love and put more importance on my own needs and what it is that I am looking for. Through this session I have been able to alleviate some of my anxiety and I feel more in tune with myself. I would highly recommend for everyone to book a session with Raphael.” -Andreea

Raphael’s reading of my astrological chart resonated with so many of the things that I knew about myself (but keep hidden) and what I’ve been feeling.  She helped me see some of my tendencies in a new light and gave me some advice, based on my planetary alignments, on how to cope with them.” -Russ

Raphael is a great artist. Having the drawing unfold along with the channeling was really useful. It provided a more subtle context to what Raphael was getting and saying. It made it easy to form further questions to find clarity around a message/aspect. The parts of the drawing being drawn out gave me context to what was already drawn giving the reading a feel of telling a story of me and my path.” -Robert